Roger Clemens 1, Brian McNamee 0

Brian McNamee, being a douche.In a report released Tuesday, police say detectives believe Brian McNamee lied to them during a 2001 investigation of a possible rape.

Documents pertaining to the investigation say the former New York Yankees trainer was having sex with a drugged woman in a hotel pool and didn't stop when confronted by the resort's security. The police were called, but when they arrived, McNamee had helped her out of the pool to get dressed. The woman was then taken to a nearby hospital, where she was found to have GHB -- the date rape drug -- in her system.


McNamee, of course, denied having sex with the woman, even though security guards and other witnesses said they saw him. He hired a fancy New York lawyer, and the state attorney's office decided against pressing charges.

This not only turns McNamee into a possible douchebag, but also questions his credibility as a testifying witness in baseball's war on steroids.

It says absolutely everything about his character... which is that of a total douchebag. Allegedly.

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Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

This is crazy. Seriously, will anyone win from this crap? All that's going to happen is both men will cause so much collateral damage, it will be tragic and the game will even get more soiled...