The Man, The Mustache, The Legend

After eight years of falling just short, Rich "Goose" Gossage finally received at least 75% of the BBWAA's votes -- 85.8% to be exact -- earning baseball's highest honor to become just the fifth reliever in history.

Still spotted from a mile away by that bushy 'stache and wide grin, Goose was chillin' in a recliner in his Colorado Springs living room when he received The Call. "Oh my God, I've been elected," he said.

The nine-time All-Star spent time with nine big league teams from 1972-94, building up 310 saves -- 52 of them after seven outs or more -- paving the way for closer everywhere. He won his one and only World Series title in 1978 with the New York Yankees, with whom he spent six seasons of his career.

"I think Jim Rice does belong in the Hall of Fame," Gossage said. "No hitter scared me, but Jim [Rice] came the closest."
Rice was over-looked yet again in his next-to-last year on the ballot, getting 72.2% of the vote, climbing a bit from the 63.5% he received last year.

Andre Dawson came in third, again, with 65.9% while Bert Blyleven...we all know how I feel about this guy... from 47.7 last year to 61. 9 this year. Lee Smith held on at fifth with 43.3% and Jack Morris received 42.9%.

Mark McGwire, whose image is forever tarnished after telling Congress in 2005 that he "wouldn't talk about the past," received 128 votes (curiously the same amount of votes he got last year) for a slim 23.6%. Better luck next year, pal.

And Tommy John? Just 29.1%. Pretty hard core that a guy who has a surgery named after him can't even knock on the door.

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Megs said...

Jim Rice must be pissed. He missed it by only 16 votes! I guess that makes him a shoo-in next year, though. Those BBWAA guys love to make those old en sweat, huh? Hopefully that means Bert will get in within the next 4 years...