Can't Wait for the Made For TV Movie

All this Roger Clemens nonsense just gets better and better... you know, if you're into the drama that is the "black cloud over the game of baseball" we call The Underbelly...

So here's the video containing excerpts from The Rocket and Brian McNamee's cell phone conversation from this past Friday. It's one of the shadiest exchanges I've ever heard in my life, raising a billion other questions.

During Monday's press conference, where the conversation was played, Clemens answered a couple of questions before getting all huffy and walking out. Here we go, after the jump!

Another startling event in Blah Blah Steroids fiasco is Andy Pettitte's choice of representation for his January 16th hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Pittsburgh attorney Jay Reisinger. If that name rings a bell, it should. Reisinger represented Sammy Sosa when he testified before the same committee three years ago. Although, it may prove difficult for Pettitte to suddenly forget how to speak English...

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Bassmaster said...

So who would play Roger? Rip Torn?