Say What?

Man, it has been so long since we've had another edition of Say What. So here we go!

"But forget Reality and logic!" - [Moderately Cerebral Bias]

"...don't you think ESPN could give us a little more information than this?" - [Awful Announcing]

"Still not sure what to get the sporty woman in your life?" - [Ladies...]

"It includes a nice set of illustrations!" - [Twins Nation Blog]

"Can anyone take anymore 'roid news?" - [Epic Carnival]

"It is very hard to be Omar Minaya right now." - [Mets Merized]

"It’s going to kill his name and reputation in this game." - [SOX & Dawgs]

"Um, actually they lost in 6." - [RandBall]

"I applaud this fan for putting his money where his money is so to speak." - [Beckett Behind the Scenes]

"That’s one sexy probe." - [Mr. Irrelevant]