Roger Clemens is Bad for Kids

The RocketThe good folks from the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association are having some second thoughts about having Roger Clemens speak at their annual session next month.

Clemens, an avid Texas sports supporter, had been scheduled for the last eight months to discuss his methods on pitching and his health regimen. But following allegations in the Mitchell Report that the seven-time Cy Young Award winner used steroids, the Texas coaches are apprehensive.

"A dark cloud has been put over Roger's head and 99.9% of the media says he's guilty even though he says he's innocent," said Jim Long, the president of the association and coach at Brenham High School.
Suddenly, Clemens' name has vanished from the convention's agenda on the group's Web site, but they are expected to make a decision by 3pm Tuesday afternoon on whether he'll be invited to speak.

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Aras said...

Actually, that's not a dark cloud, just an exceptionally bad haircut.

How many kids can listen to Clem now that they have heard the word "buttock" associated with him without losing it?

I for one will never look at his rear the same again.