Lo Duca Finalizes Deal with Nats

Paul Lo Duca
Paul Lo Duca and the Washington Nationals have officially agreed to a $5 million, one-year contract, mainly because he felt they were the club that wanted him the most. And it's good to feel wanted... we're looking at you, Torii Hunter.

So, instead of making a brazen statement of Jimmy Rollinsesque-caliber -- like calling the Nats the team to beat in the East -- he simply stated, "The NL East is wide open."

I'll take that.

Lo Duca, a free agent catcher who spent the last two seasons with the New York Mets, gives Washington that special presence only a veteran has to offer. The four-time All-Star, who'll turn 36 this Spring, hit .272 with nine homers and 54 RBIs last season, accompanied by an appalling .311 on-base percentage. Here's to a better year, Pauly.

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