LaTroy Hawkins is Old

...and officially over-paid.

The New York Yankees have finalized their signing of reliever LaTroy Hawkins to a $3.75 million, one-year deal, just a day after another has-been hurler, Mark Prior, scored a cool mill off the already-stacked San Diego Padres.

The Yanks' plan is obviously to strengthen the core of their middle relief with a veteran presence. Also quite obvious is the fact that LaTroy is about the last dude you'd expect to fulfill that obligation.

Hawkins, who turned 35 last week, went 2-5 with a 3.42 ERA last season for the NL Champion Colorado Rockies, who declined his $3.75 million option. One thing the righty does have going for him is his most-recent post season performance. In five playoff appearances in 2007, Hawkins surrendered one run on one hit over five innings.

During Sirius' Sports Action News Desk radio show Friday, Hawkins gave his opinion on performance-enhancing drugs after host Jason Page asked if he cared if hitters were juiced up.

“No, I don’t [care]. That’s just my personal opinion. Still got to hit the ball, brother.”
He has a career 56-76 record with 75 saves and a 4.68 ERA over 13 seasons in the big leagues. No, that is not good.

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Andrew Fletcher said...

While Hawkins is terrible, it's only a one-year contract, so I can't really complain.

His comments are very ignorant, but it's consistent with how many baseball fans felt at the peak of the steroid era.