Elijah Dukes: Don't Be Scared

Elijah DukesStu -- which is obviously short for Stud -- brought to our attention that we hadn't posted about Elijah Dukes' most recent run-in with the long [member] of the law.

Little does he know, we were out obtaining our own restraining orders on the troubled Washington Nationals outfielder. That kind of thing takes time, and offers very little room for things like blogging.

In any case, now that we're safe from impregnation, we can tell you all about how Dukes was the only one to show up for court Tuesday afternoon.

Amanda Reese, a former girlfriend of Dukes, was granted a temporary injunction Dec. 10th after she said she feared he would hurt her.

Apparently, Reese (who was representing herself) briefly dated Dukes, and began to feel threatened by his phone calls and text messages... which may or may not have included photos of a handgun.... before they broke up in October.

Dukes simply replied "No" when the judge asked whether he had anything to do with Reese's absence, then dismissed her request for an injunction. Just like that.

So, does this mean Dukes is single again? Watch out ladies!

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randball's stu said...

My thanks, Sooze.