Miguel Cabrera Won't Be a Cheap Date

Miguel Cabrera
Miguel Cabrera has become too expensive for the Florida Marlins.

With the stoves heating up this weekend, there are at least a few clubs who are interested in the All-Star third baseman -- it's just a matter of what they are willing to fork over.

At 24, Cabrera has already made four trips to the All-Star game and has averaged 32 bombs and 115 RBIs per year since 2004, with a .318 batting average. Arbitration-eligible, he's likely to make between $10-$13 million next season, which is close to half of the Marlins' 2007 payroll. Ouch.

chubbyCabrera's tenure in Florida hasn't been all sunshine and palm trees. There are concerns about his weight and poor defense, as he tied for second among big league third basemen with 23 errors last season, not to mention his failure to attend offseason promotional events.

The logical conclusion is to trade him, but to where and for who? The Los Angeles Angels were considered the front-runners before the Marlins apparently raised the asking price at the last minute when negotiations came to a screeching halt. They had steady competition in the Dodgers and Giants, but again, team executives, such as San Francisco GM Brian Sabean, are questioning the Marlins' unrealistic demands for Cabrera.

''There's a reason that one player hasn't been traded yet,'' Sabean said, referring to Cabrera.


Megs said...

We should send Johan to Florida for Cabrera and D-Train. That would nip the Punto problem right in the bud!