The Angry Inge

Brandon IngeBrandon Inge feels a little unwanted and quite a bit replaced.

The scrappy, defensively awesome third baseman wants to be an everyday starter, but the Detroit Tigers filled that corner last week with the acquisition of All-Star slugger Miguel Cabrera from the Florida Marlins.

Inge, 30, was given the job at third in 2005 before signing a four-year, $24 million contract extension after his career year in 2006.

Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski sympathizes with Inge's desire to leave and the unwillingness to play a reserve role, but is also reluctant to be responsible for any part of the $19.1 million remaining on Inge's contract if he is traded.

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Anonymous said...

How is Brandon Inge unhappy? He's essentially getting paid to work less, doesnt sound like such a bad deal to me.