Wade Boggs is a Super Model

Rays new logoIt’s official. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are no more.

In an attempt to recreate their image, the chronically crappy club shortened their team name to the “Rays” during a party with a turnout of 7,000 people in a downtown park Thursday night.

Navy blue and baby blue have replaced the losing green and black, which will obviously help them in the long run. Current players and manager Joe Maddon, as well as former Tampa Bay stars Wade Boggs and Fred McGriff passed as models during a fashion show that donned the organization’s new logo, as well as the home and road unis for next season.

Club officials considered other nicknames like the Cannons, Stars, Wave and Dukes before finally settling on the Rays and creating a logo with a bright yellow sunburst. Yay!

The evening was polished off by a concert featuring Kevin Costner and his band, Modern West. Sweet.

You can put a holiday bow on a pile of poop and spray it with Febreze, but in the end, its still a pile of poop.

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Dianna said...

I dunno. I liked the green and black. They sort of looked like old Green Lantern get ups and gave us something to laugh about.