Instant Replay On The GM Docket

The annual General Manager meetings start today in Orlando, and in addition to trades (A-Rod), deals (A-Rod) and other business (A-Rod), the topic of instant replay is expected to be up for discussion.

A couple of borderline homerun calls late in the season (Garrett Atkins' wheelchair-careening blast in the Rockies' wildcard playoff, and Manny Ramirez's longball single versus the Indians in the ALCS) helped call attention to the issue again this postseason- it was also discussed in subcommittee during last year's meetings.

Most GMs would support the addition of replays- at least in limited form. Yankees GM Brian Cashman, Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi and Brewers GM Doug Melvin are all on record in support of the idea.

"I am 110 percent for it and have been for quite some time," Cashman said Thursday. "This game moves so fast that the amount of times that they are correct is just amazing. [...] But why not utilize technology to your advantage to make certain that you get the play right on the field at all times, not just 99.9 percent of the time?"
Discussions regarding incorporating instant replay into the game have centered around limiting them to homerun calls and fair/foul determinations, and on the instigation of the umpiring crew. Additionally, replays could be limited to just postseason games.

Commissioner Bud Selig does not want replays, but also said he would be willing to let the GMs debate the matter. And representatives for the umpires union have also indicated that they would want to discuss the matter and incorporate it into their collective bargaining agreement.

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