Hip, Hip, Jorge!

The Yankees and Jorge Posada came to an agreement Monday, allowing Posada to stay a Yankee for at least another four years at a price of $52.4 million. This is yet another move that shows the new Steinbrenner generation has their heads on straight.

A five time All Star, Posada hit a team-high .338 this year with 20 homers and 90 RBIs. He set career highs for average, slugging percentage (.543) and on-base percentage (.426).

Posada's entire major league career has been in a Yankee uniform, something that is rare with today's “buy and sell” baseball mentality. With the retention of Posada, the Yankees have made sure that they have core players in place to drive the team next year. Both Posada and Derek Jeter have been Yankee lifers. While their talent has a lot to do with that, it also speaks for loyalty. Loyalty that you can't “buy and sell”.

The Steinbrenner boys have made it clear that, unlike their predecessor, their priority isn't flashing cash and buying overpriced talent (read Clemens, Roger). They appear to be spending wisely and making good moves.

The only defensive hole is at third. With Wilson Betemit in the slot, the position is weak. But with Boston's Mike Lowell free to talk to other teams, it opens up a possibility for the Yankees to talk to him. The Mets have been rumored to show interest in Alex Rodriguez also. Should that come to fruition, it would be quite reasonable and financially viable for the Yankees to acquire third baseman David Wright in a deal. (Although the hormonal surge among female fans if Wright and Jeter were on the same team might tilt the earth's axis.)

The bottom line is, the Yankees have options and a promising future. A new young manager, talented and loyal players, and new decision makers who seem to get it.

[Update: I just read this post back to myself. Yeah, I'm a homer. So what?]

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