Ubaldo Jimenez is a Dangerous Man

Watch out for Ubaldo Jimenez's heater!Colorado Rockies backup catcher Chris Iannetta and outfielder Willy Tavarez can both personally verify the pain of Ubaldo Jimenez's 100 mph fastball.

"It hurts," laughed Iannetta.
During a simulated game Friday, Jimenez nailed them both with pitches. Thankfully, they shook it off like real Rocky Mountain men would.

In their first field action since declaring the NL pennant on Monday, Jimenez and Jeff Francis took turns pitching to their teammates for four innings, trying to stay loose during their long, 8-day wait for the World Series.

Once they get there, can Denver finally celebrate again? It took four trips to the Super Bowl before John Elway's Broncos won it all in 1997 and again in '98, but Rockies manager Clint Hurdle is hoping that it takes his group of guys just once to prove their amazing run wasn't a fluke.

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