These Kids Don't Lose

Four days off? No sweat.

Projectiles such as water bottles and hot dogs? No problem.

It doesn't seem like there is much of anything that can stop the Colorado Rockies these days. You can go ahead and add Arizona Diamondbacks ace, Brandon Webb to that list, too.

Webb was out-pitched by the Lean, Mean Francis Machine Thursday night to give Colorado a 5-1 victory and a 1-0 lead in the Championship Series heading into this weekend's playoff action.

Brad Hawpe is pretty awesome.The Wild Card-winning Rockies, who have now dominated 18 of their last 19 games, have officially played and won their first NLCS game in club history. With a little help from Brad Hawpe, Kazuo Matsui and Troy Tulowitzki, the outstanding bullpen was given a 4-run lead to work with after Francis went 6.2 innings and allowed just 1 run on 7 hits with a walk and four strikeouts.

Eric Byrnes accounted for the D'Backs lone run, a double to deep left that scored Stephen Drew in the first inning. Webb tossed six decent innings, surrendering four runs on 7 hits -- all singles -- with 2 walks and four K's.

Game 2 is set for Friday night at Chase Field, with Arizona lefty Doug Davis facing pea-throwing Colorado rookie Ubaldo Jimenez. We can't wait!

Anyone who says this series is lame needs to be punched in the face... you totally have our permission.

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Jake the Snake said...

I know a team that could stop the Rockies' roll.