Orioles Can Mazzone

Known as a miracle-worker during his tenure with the Atlanta Braves organization, Leo Mazzone spent two seasons working with an under-par Orioles pitching staff, to no avail.

The club has not yet named a replacement, but can be sure of one thing: that they ruined Mazzone's 59th birthday, which he will celebrate this Tuesday. Unemployed.

Mazzone probably saw this move coming though, after long-time friend and most recent O's manager, Sam Perlozzo (who lured Mazzone away from Atlanta in the first place) was fired in mid-June.

The Braves led the National League in ERA in 12 of his 14 seasons with the club while he nurtured six Cy Young winners and 10 different all-stars, including John Smoltz, Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine. So, not only did he produce Hall of Fame-caliber pitchers, but ones with incredible longevity.

On the other hand, Baltimore lost more than 90 games in each of his two seasons with the club. Apparently, lack of talent = lack of success. Crazy!

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ian said...

ones with incredible longevity

So he gave them Cialis. That must be the secret to pitching LONG in the bigs

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