Naughty, Naughty!

Our Sarah, a bright and shiny star in the smoggy blogosphere, has a pretty sweet gig over at The Naughty American (yes, that Naughty American) as a sports columnist.

This isn't just any sports column. It's a naughty sports column, and Sarah nails it every time.

Her latest article details the life of a Fenway peanut guy and his nuts.

"The fame and personality of vendors is a natural attraction for nut-hungry female fans."
Oh man.

She touches on subjects most consider taboo... like scary Suzyn Waldman, for instance. And nothing says hot like men shoving phallic food down their throats. Am I right?

So do yourself a favor, and check out some of her work over there. We are so proud.

You're the breast, Sarah!

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Megs said...

Congratulations, Sarah!

Keep up the great work!