MLB2k7 Experiment

In order to get a better idea of who would come out on top of this must-win situation for the Boston Red Sox this evening, we conducted a highly-sensitive experiment involving MLB 2k7, beers and mood-lighting.

Turns out, Curt Schilling doesn't have what it takes to last more than 4 innings. Truthfully, this may be a blessing for Beantown. He surrendered back-to-back bombs by Travis Hafner and Victor Martinez and a two-run homer by Casey Blake (sans beard) before the bullpen totally shut me down.

Fausto Carmona, rated lower than Gil Meche, held his own for the Cleveland Indians. He struck out nine over 8 innings, allowing only a base hit by Manny Ramirez and a triple by Kevin Youkilis (because I spilled my beverage) before being replaced by Joe Borowski, who shut down the Sox by striking out the side to polish off the 4-0 shutout.

Either I'm awesome at this game, or the Red Sox will see you this Spring.


Jason said...

Holy blowout Batman!