Boston May Be Halfway There

Josh FoggSince the Rockies have forgotten how to hit a baseball, they've dropped to 0-2 against the Boston Red Sox in Colorado's very first World Series.

Josh Fogg will face Daisuke Matsuzaka in the mile-high altitude of Denver Saturday night for Game 3 at 8pm ET, hoping to give the Rockies a shot at coming back (and to move the Monday Night Football game up a half an hour so I can hit the hay at a decent time.)

Fogg -- far from a superstar outside of Colorado -- went 10-9 with a 4.94 ERA this season and 2-0 with a 1.13 ERA in two playoff outings, including one start and one relief appearance. Back in June, Fogg beat Curt Schilling and the Red Sox 12-2 at Fenway, allowing two runs and seven hits over five innings.

With Coors Field being the hitter's park that it is, we can hope to see more action at the plate than in Game 2, where both teams combined for just 11 hits and 3 runs.

Papi and YoukConsidering the lack of a designated hitter position in the National League, Sox manager Terry Francona has opted to go with David Ortiz at first base and Mike Lowell at third Saturday, starting Kevin "Yukon" Youkilis on the bench.

And if you're lucky, you might even see a little of this action.

But beware of Bandwagonitis should the Rockies pull out a victory tonight!

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pookeyguru said...

Gee Sooze. Don't root for the Series to end for selfish reasons (like a pointless MNF game).