Arizona Doesn't Care About Baseball

While tickets for the Championship Series games are hot commodities in Cleveland and Denver- and near impossible to get your hands on in Boston- the market for NLCS tickets for the Diamondbacks home games in Phoenix this week is decidedly chilly.

The Diamondbacks' front office says about 8,000 tickets to Game 1 and Game 2 at Chase Field remain unsold, and can be purchased for face value from the ticket office.

"I think we'll get there," [Arizona Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall] said. "Fans were waiting to see what the start times were."
They were waiting to find out the start times? Fans of most of the rest of the major league clubs (excluding maybe the Marlins and Devil Rays Rays) laugh at the idea that an early start time would somehow get in the way of a face-value playoff ticket purchase. That Mountain timezone is a heckuva thing to live with during the postseason.

[ Yahoo!Sports ]


Bassmaster said...

Does this mean there's still room on the bandwagon?