Rocket Ready For Sunday Liftoff

Everyone (anyone?) who was concerned Roger Clemens might skip the spotlight of the final regular season Sox-Yanks series this weekend, worry no more: the Rocket said today after throwing a bullpen session that he has "no doubt" he'll be making his scheduled start on Sunday against the Red Sox (and Curt Schilling) in Fenway Park (although officially it's still considered a gametime decision).

Of course he will pitch! He's Roger Clemens, and his arm falling off will not deter him from Fenway grandstanding! Shoot him up with more cortisone and let him get down to the business of of being Roger.

The last time Rog pitched at Fenway, Pedro Martinez was shoving Don Zimmer face first into the grass during the '03 ALCS. The mood is ripe for another brawl in the wake of the Joba Chamberlain-Kevin Youkilis incident at Yankee Stadium at the end of August. Cross fingers for a bench clearer!

[ New York Times ] [ LoHud Yankees Blog ]


ian said...

I know you like him and all, but I hope his arm falls off.

Lizzy said...

I hope he spontaneously bursts into flames.