Look What You're Missing Out On, Alyssa!

Remember the contest we reminded you of this summer, held by Alyssa Milano, where you could win a date with her by entering the "Touch" Ultimate Fan Sweepstakes on mlb.com?

Oh yes, we entered. And I won third prize... so, no hot date with Samantha. Her loss!

At first, I was incredibly pumped. I thought, "Wow! I bet I get some sweet *touch* apparel!"

Not quite, but third prize gets an autographed baseball. I though to myself again, "Wow! Do I get to choose whose John Hancock I get?"

Again, no. It's Alyssa Milano's autograph and it's worth fifty bucks.

But hey! I rarely win anything I enter and of all the crazy promotional things I've signed up for, I think it's hilarious that this is the one I win.

Thanks Alyssa!


ian said...

At least now you can say you held some Major League dick, since her hands have and will probably have held the ball to sign it