Let It Be

San Francisco Giants managing general partner, Peter Magowan told Barry Bonds Thursday that he'd like to move the team into "a different direction"... one which doesn't include the veteran slugger.

This marks the end of an era. A 15-year tirade in which Bonds set the single-season and all-time home run records while bringing an insane amount of controversy. Of course, Magowan says he'll have difficulty saying goodbye after a decade-and-a-half of ups and downs... mostly downs.

"There is more baseball in me and I plan on continuing my career. My quest for a World Series ring continues," Barry said .
Bonds, who hasn't played since Sept. 15th due to a sprained big toe, wanted most in life to finish his career where he father Bobby and godfather Willy Mays played. Unfortunately, he may miss the opportunity to play one last homestand this weekend, but manager Bruce Bochy thinks Bonds will be in the lineup at least one the days.

Why not just retire? I know, I know. He's still one of the bigger threats as a No. 4 hitter in the National League. He'd make a great designated hitter. He's awesome, I get it. He's also 43 years old and accident-prone.

So, why not end his career on a high note? I think it'll be tough for him to find a home as sweet as San Francisco, considering how much people dislike him outside the Golden Gate. There is always the possibility that the A's, Padres and Cardinals will show the same interest they did after last season ended and he'll get a nice, fat deal to polish off his career with.

One thing is certain: at least he won't have to worry about his likeness being changed into a new uni for MLB2k8. Since he's not in it. Cause he's a jerk like that.

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Two posts about old people in a row! I feel spoiled.

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