Jake Peavy: Professional Badass

Jake Peavy is so awesome, he could play the next Bond.

The future NL Cy Young Award winner gave up only one run in 7.1 innings Sunday, fanning ten Giants in the 5-1 victory to help his San Diego Padres beat San Francisco for the eighth straight time.

Peavy's 18-6 record is the best in the National League, complementing his 2.39 ERA nicely, which happens to be the lowest in the majors. Oh yeah, he has 225 strikeouts, too... the most in the big leagues.

He's arguably the best hurler in the NL, but is he the best pitcher in baseball right now? The numbers say he is, as do nearly everyone in 1/4 of the state of California.

He gives his club a chance to win every time he steps foot on the hill. With 14 games left in the season and San Diego sitting just 2 games behind the NL West-leading Diamondbacks and 1.5 ahead of the surging Phillies in the exciting Wild Card race, Peavy will give them at least two more chances to pull ahead.

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ian said...

And did you see Peavy get hit in the head when the umpire threw a ball out of play.

Megs said...

You might be onto something with the whole 007 idea...

Bassmaster said...

The name's Peavy. Jake Peavy.