Say What?

Don't look so excited, Steve Traschel! Read what other bloggers are mouthing off about. For those of you who are interested in things other than baseball, check out my contributions at Sons of Sam Malone this weekend.

"They can get up, walk the dog, pick up some carryout and check their e-mail before Trachsel throws another pitch." - [Bugs and Cranks]

"I'll tell you one person who doesn't buy that horse hockey." - []

"I'm really gonna miss Rocky Cherry." - [Foul Balls]

"There are many small, independent sports leagues in every sport that most people are unaware of." - [Doberman on the Diamond]

"I could do that." - []

"It kind of snuck up on us, like a pack of Desert Storm trading cards or a really quiet hippo." - []

"It’s been horrid; it’s been wretched; it’s been downright embarrassing to be a Sox fan these last few months." - [The Postmen]

"It appears that the onslaught for our undivided attention normally owned by football this time of year, may have to compete just a little with baseball." - [The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes]

"He looks kinda familiar, and apparently he’s put up some solid numbers recently in the Florida State League." - [Can't Stop the Bleeding]

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Jacob said...

Will Traschel have his happy face on now that he's a Cubbie in contention?