The Agony and the Ecstasy of the NL East

After enjoying a roomy seven-game lead not so long ago (15 days to be exact), the Mets have taken a swan dive over the last couple of weeks and now find themselves in unfamiliar territory: sharing first place in the NL East.


While Pedro Martinez and the Amazin's were falling apart at the hands of the Cardinals in Shea (their 10th loss in 14 games), the surging Phillies were pounding out another victory at CBP over the Braves. And after tonight's games, the Mets and Phillies are deadlocked in a tie for the divisional crown.

Essentially, the entire season until now is wiped away- and the two teams' weekend series will determine who heads to the playoffs and (potentially) who sits and watches the postseason on TV at home.

Neither side is willing to claim victory or concede defeat just yet.
"If we do go down," David Wright said, "we'll go down with a fight."
Said Aaron Rowand: "We're not ready to go home quite yet."
So who wants it more?

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