Polanco's Streak Remains Intact

Placido Polando runs down Johnny Damon before making a throwing error that would leave all runners safe.Detroit Tigers second baseman Placido Polanco's perfect party ended Friday night. After a crappy throw in the first inning of the series opener against the New York Yankees, his record for second baseman of 147 consecutive games without an error slipped through his fingers.

...is still rolling at 148 games.

The streak, which began on July 1, 2006, is still intact after official scorers took the error away from Polanco and handed it to Marcus Thames.

Polanco fielded a chopper from Melky Cabrera and tried to run down Johnny Damon, making a poor throw to first that left both base-runners safe.

The apparent thought process on removing the error from Polanco's responsibility is that Thames should have been able to stretch and dig out the throw.

The big league mark for consecutive errorless games by any infielder is 193, set by Steve Garvey from 1983-85.

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jake the snake said...

So who's next in line to break the record for second basemen?

Megs said...

That's so weird.

My Hero Zero said...

Wouldn't it be great if all of one's errors could be overruled the following day? I'd trade a guardian angel for a guardian score-keeper any day.

pop up bunt said...

I don't think the streak is actually in tact...