Polanco Errorless, Chokes On Water

Congratulations to Detroit Tigers infielder Placido Polanco and his horribly misshapen head for setting a big league record for second basemen on Monday by going 144 consecutive games without an error.

The record, which Polanco tied on Sunday, was previously held by Luis Castillo when he still played with the Minnesota Twins.

The all-time mark for infielders is 193 games, set by Steve Garvey, who accomplished the feat between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres from 1983-85.

[Mack Avenue Tigers]


Marea said...

yeah, Sooze, that didn't help my getting over the loss of Li'l Papi at all. I miss Castillo.

Rain Delay said...

I think he also holds the record for "Most Deformed Cranium" since the Elephant Man.

My Hero Zero said...

I'm openly pulling for Garvey's record to fall. Those freaky, hair-covered Popeye-like forearms still haunt my nightmares.

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