There's Still Room For Two More

The initial sweep of All-Star Voting is behind us, and if you're sad that your favorite player didn't make it, try to pull yourself together.

You have a chance to vote for him a second time, if he happens to be a pitcher on the final-vote ballot.

Vote for Neshek! Vote for Chris Young!

Now, if I were you, I'd vote for Minnesota Twins sidewinder (or whatever you call his delivery) Pat Neshek in the AL as many times as possible - - but that's just me.

My NL vote goes to the San Diego Padres' tall drink of water, Chris Young. In the poetic words of San Diego Union Tribune writer Tim Sullivan:
"He stands 6 feet 10, but somehow escapes notice. He is harder to hit than a hummingbird's hip, and yet appears to have attained obscurity."

Vote here!

...and be sure to uncheck those pesky boxes if you don't want your inbox loaded with crap from MLB every two seconds.

[] | [San Diego Union Tribune]


ian said...



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marea said...

Man, I thought I was done voting repeatedly. But.. the world does deserve to see Neesh pitch. It's awesome to watch. Almost freaky.
Plus, he rocks.

Twins Territory said...

Yeah, and did you see his blog entry? He said if he makes it, he'll blog multiple times per day about it.

Sooze said...

Twins Territory, what's this nonsense I heard Dazzleman moaning about on the radio broadcast last night? Some t-shirts Pat made that say something like "Pull For Pat, Vote Neshek"?

Gladden was saying he disagrees with Neesh's self-promotion and that it's against MLB's rules. Then Gordy was all... "Well then I think the Twins must have done it for him."

Any clue?

Megs said...

I'll puke if Neshek doesn't make it in. He has it all! Pinpoint precision, crazy delivery, the Neshek Salute! What more could one possibly ask for?

Tara said...

Vote for Chris Young in the NL!!!

Stats for the candidates:
Chris Young 8-3, 2.14 ERA
Carlos Zambrano 9-6, 4.20 ERA
Roy Oswalt 7-5, 3.42 ERA
Tom Gorzelanny 8-4, 3.05 ERA
Brandon Webb 8-5, 3.05 ERA