Sox Want To Stay Burly

it's getting hot in hurr.The Chicago White Sox agreed Sunday to a four-year, $56 million deal with no-no throwing lefty Mark Buehrle, ending weeks of rotten speculation on whether the ace will stay or go.

Following the 6-3 win over the Minnesota Twins yesterday, Buehrle was spotted canoodling with manager Ozzie Guillen and random teammates like JI
in the dugout.

The three-time All-Star could have opted for free agency after this season, considering the no-trade clause the Sox were refusing to enter into the contract language. He still didn't get what he wanted, but there are compensating provisions like no-trading for the first season and if he is traded during the second, third or fourth years, his annual salary will go from $14 million to $15 million.

Mark Buehrle... looking kind of hot actually.Buehrle, 28, is 6-4 this season with a 3.03 ERA, striking out 70 batters and walking 22 over 17 contests. He is a rather large asset to a team that is entering the All-Star break with a 39-47 record, sitting a miserable 13 games behind the red hot division-leading Cleveland Indians.

Buehrle is a career 103-70 with a 3.77 ERA.

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jake the snake said...

Your title is rather misleading... "stay burly" implies that they are indeed, burly right now.

I beg to differ.

Sooze said...

You have a point there, JtS. See what happens when I try to be clever?

CLARE. said...

I want a hug from JI
JIM THOME. He looks like he really gets in there and gives you a good one.

Um...I mean...baseball! Yeah! Woo!