Say What?

Some people have the strangest fetishes.The Babes have a busy weekend ahead, including but not limited to a wedding, a baseball game and an alarming amount of alcohol consumption.

To keep you tided over, here are what other bloggers are mouthing off about...

  • "Grab those butterfly collars and plaid slacks..." - [Bugs & Cranks]

  • "Somewhere in there, there's a Visa commercial waiting to happen." - []

  • "That's hard to do with nubs." - [More Credible]

  • "Men know exactly what their bowels are up to at any given second." - [Deuce of Davenport]

  • "Well, it’s tough to hit a Home Run when you’re worried about your taint being brutally violated when you get back to the dugout." - []

  • "I can handle anything, including the accidental misspelling of my name on this cheap bit of cardboard." - [The Extrapolater]

  • "But now it starts to get a little ridiculous." - [100% Injury Rate]

  • "...the Atlanta Braves didn't even wait for the corpse of Julio Franco's major league career to go cold..." - []

  • "Hasn't it been obvious to you guys I'm half-tortoise? Now get out!" - []


    Sanchez said...

    I hope it's not your wedding Sooze... you're still saving yourself for me right? ;)

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