Say It, Don't Spray It!

Josh Bard almost pooped his uni after straining to hold Boomer back.
San Diego Padres lefty David Wells was suspended for seven games and fined $3,000 Thursday for his "violent and aggressive" argument with umpire Ed Hickox last Saturday.

FYI: During the fourth inning against the Atlanta Braves after a Jeff Francoeur two-run homer, Wells questioned Hickox's calling ability and asked if he planned on being fair to both teams. According to Hickox, this is about the time when Boomer began to "spray him with saliva."

Wells was promptly tossed, which only made matters worse. He was restrained by Pads manager Bud Black, two coaches and catcher Josh Bard, firing the ball at the backstop as he walked off the field.

Shocking conclusion: Boomer was ticked about the punishment given by MLB's disciplinarian, Bob Watson, who Wells referred to as a henchman and a yes man for Bud Selig.
"Pretty soon we'll all put skirts on and we're all going to play softball."
I'm gonna eat this glove and pretend it's your face, Blue.I resent that comment, but also find it hilarious. Therefore, it will not be stricken from the record.

Of course, the robust veteran appealed his suspension, so a penalty won't begin until after the hearing.

In Wells' defense, seven games (one start) is a ridiculous amount of time to spend away from the game, just for foaming at the mouth like a rabid rottweiler over balls and strikes.

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Bassmaster said...

Wow, he's always hungry.

jake the snake said...

Being sprayed with saliva by David Wells would be scary..I'd toss him too. For the safety of EVERYONE on the field.

Andrew said...

you gotta admit he rules for the softball comment.

Anyways, looking at him I doubt he ever speaks without spewing saliva

Tara said...

I was at this game. While my seats did not afford me a point blank view of this exchange, it was obvious that Boomer didn't get unhinged until after Hickox gave him the hook. Boomer was calm and asked a question about the strike zone. Hickox told him to get his "fat ass" back to the mound. The TV replay clearly shows "fat ass" if you read Hickox' lips. Boomer made his "are you gonna be fair to both teams" comment and Hickox ejected him. That is when Boomer went BOOM!

Chris Young, Derek Lee = five games
Boomer = seven games

How is this deemed fair and appropriate punishment? Is it okay for an umpire to personally insult a player when the reverse gets the player removed from the game?

When do the UmpBots roll out? I'm tired of having egos and errors occuring from the Blue Crew.

marea said...

Ah, I love a good baseball brawl. Although I'd rather be blind than see Wells in a skirt.

You should read what the Dugout said about it.
It was freakin' hilarious.... Click [url=http://dugout.progressiveboink.com/archive/nick144.htm]here[/url]

(if it doesnt work just go to http://dugout.progressiveboink.com/ since i am sometimes too dumb to put links in things.)

Sooze said...

Yeah, it's pretty much total bullshit that he got 7 games. It is only one start, but still. Overdoing a bit. And Tara made a great point - he didn't lose it until he was provoked.

Tara said...

I find it professionally wrong that some umps provoke or instigate an altercation. That's their egos. They should be emotionless and able to walk away from a volatile situation. There have definitely been some ejections that were purely based on an ump egging a manager/player in to popping off enough to get the hook. I have seen players turn their back on a situation to collect themselves only to see the ump continue to talk and argue at the player's back almost as if to double dog dare the player in to saying the words that bring the hook.