Man of Steal Becomes Hitting Coach

Rickey Henderson, freaking out.Beginning today, Rickey Henderson will replace Rick Down as the New York Mets hitting coach.

Henderson, serving as a special instructor for the Mets this season, obviously has been busy with Jose Reyes, schooling him on how to juke his way to 46 stolen bags halfway through the season.

The Mets are sixth in the league with a .268 team batting average, so maybe the 10-time All-Star, who set career records with 1,406 stolen bases and 2,295 runs will give them a boost.

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mikeski said...


Sometimes it's hard for singular players to teach others because what they are able to do (and how they do it) is innate to them and not within the abilities of most players.

On the other hand, Reyes has been very vocal about Rickey's helping him be more patient and disciplined at the plate. There are numerous testimonials out there about how great a teammate Rickey was and how much guys enjoyed having him around.

It's not ever been clear to me how much of an effect a hitting coach can have, plus it's my understanding that many players have their own personal coaches who help them out. The Down firing may have been more of a shot across the bow than anything else.

Sooze said...

Yeah, Down's firing kind of puzzles me.. but if there's anyone who is a good replacement within the organization, it's Rickey.

rstiles said...

This is going to be interesting with Rickey as the hitting coach

mikeski said...

Marty Noble @mlb.com is saying that Rickey has been added to the coaching staff, but without a specific title or role and that HoJo "may assume most or all of Down's responsibilties".

pookeyguru said...

As an unabashed fan of Rickey (I still remember his 938th like it was yesterday) he should be doing this for Oakland. Yet another reason I hate BB. I swear there is so much tradition around the A's. Yet all there players end up teaching others and spreading their knowledge learned from the Oakland regime. This is fucking frustrating. Even as I write this 4 days later(and a little buzzed).