Fun With Polls: Home Field Advantage

quite possibly the weirdest-looking trophy ever.In our most recent poll, we asked your thoughts on the people who rush the field. Are they hammered, dumb or just plain crazy? Most importantly, is this distraction acceptable?

60% of you say it's not cool to hop the fences while 24% of the easily entertained say it is. The other 17% don't really care either way.

We just love hearing your opinion, so we're gonna throw another poll your way.

Some folks think the All-Star game is nothing but a show for the fans. All the best players from each league, getting together to entertain us. However, the winning league gets home field advantage during the World Series.

Does this method of choosing home field suck, or is it completely fair?


Sanchez said...

I think it's a hole heap of suck. No all star game in any sport should decide anything. Ever.

Tara said...

I agree. If they are going to allow this exhibition game to impact the championship of this sport, then the "every team represented" rule must go. It should be the best of the best, if it's going to determine home field advantage.

How would "the best of the best" be determined? Why a Men in Black friend or alien gauntlet with baseball bats! Just kidding. I dunno, actually. The fans can't be trusted, the media/sports writers have an East Coast bias, the coaches are biased for their own players. Thoughts?

Sooze said...

I, too, think it is total bullcrap the advantage is decided by a frivilous exhibition game.

Even flipping a coin would be more fair. What the hell is wrong with just giving it to the team with the better record? Or even the better interleague record?


Peter said...

I want to know how home field advantage was decided before it was the all star game.

Sooze said...

Peter - before 2003, which is when they began to award home field advantage to the All-Star game winner (to raise interest in the All-Star game after the tie in 2002,) they alternated leagues every year.

Still a weird way to do it, but more fair.