Fun With Polls: Crappy Announcers

Ichiro - the MVPIn our most recent poll, we asked you to predict the winner of this year's Midsummer Classic. Good work! Over half of you (55%) said the American League would pull off the win to gain home field advantage for the World Series.

The other 45% of you... well, there's always the next decade. We mean that in the most encouraging way possible, you know. Seriously, extra baseball was looming for a minute there. You can't get much closer than being down a run with the bags full.

So, we had a great time liveblogging the All-Star festivities over at Deadspin. It was a success. That is to say, nothing was broken and the Gawker hamster, Nibbles came off the DL after just a few innings. As we stated early in the game, Tim McCarver and Joe Buck make it easier to be funny.

Buck magically rhymes with Suck.Which brings us to our next poll! Who, of the 5 choices given, is the worst (current) prime time baseball announcer? This may be the toughest poll yet. Seriously. They're all terrible in their own special way.

Feel free to go on the record in the comments section!

[Awful Announcing - the master at his craft]


pookeyguru said...

Sooze I hate your polls. They're all terrible. And you only let us pick one. You're an evil self satisfying bitch. Which is why I probably dont frequent this site enough.

Sooze said...

Hey dickface, there's no limit on how many times you vote. You could pick anyone or everyone for all I care.

Megs said...

I can't possibly choose one. But if I had to, the guy that really grinds my gears is Joe Morgan. He makes no sense.

Bassmaster said...

Morgan angers me. I cam laugh at Buck and McCarver. Miller is just. Fat. And thank god we don't have to hear Boomer's Back, Back, Back schtick so often these days.

This is hard.

marea said...

You should add the option "all of the above."
Oh and just wait until (DIRTY) AJ Pierzynski starts commentating someday.

Andrew said...

I just can't decide who I hate more, Buck or McCarver. I've worked with both of them and they are primadonna diva assholes, they walk around like they are god's gift to both baseball and tv and expect to be worshiped. When Sweet Lou was working for Fox last summer he was awesome, he'd talk to everyone...he was probably happy he didn't have any umpires to fight

Anonymous said...

NOBODY is worse than Joe Morgan!

...and Skip Carey RULES!

pookeyguru said...

okay you michael myers ripping off ho; you never said that (how many times we can vote-- now I have to vote for them all)

Sooze said...

Nath*aniel, I am going to punch you in the face.

Tara said...

I like Skip Carey too! I'll watch a TBS Braves game any day just to listen to him. Am I wrong to find him kinda hot in a sports announcer kind of way?

I would love to see him and Matt Vasgergian get together for a broadcast. But they're both play-by-play guys. Matty V RULES!!!