Welcome To The Rivalry Round

Joe Mauer, pre-sideburns.In the previous round of the Rookie Card Playoffs, hometown hero Joe Mauer's 2002 sideburnless Topps card won our hearts, placing first with 31% of the votes over teammate Torii Hunter's 24%.

JIM THOME managed 22% of the votes and Vlad the Destroyer earned 12%, just egding out old-schooler Mike Piazza, who gained only 10% of the tallies.

This brings us straight to the eighth and final set, The Rivalry Round. As you can see, these guys play for either the Red Sox or the Yankees. Check out these current player's cards and choose the one you like best. Once again, your favoritism may be based on absolutely anything.

Maybe seeing Jason Varitek in pinstripes or a young shortstop-playing A-Rod couldn't make you happier. How about Big Papi with a completely different last name and about 65 pounds missing from his frame?

Johnny Damon is looking dapper in a half-unbuttoned KC uni, while... that doesn't even look like Derek Jeter to me.

Voting for this set ends Tuesday and then it's onto the Final Round, where all eight winners will vy for the coveted Rookie Card Champion of the World award. As always, you can vote either here or at our handsome co-host Ian's blog, SOX & Dawgs.

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mikeski said...

Alex the mandroid looks exactly the same as he did 13 years ago.