Welcome To The Fan Favorites Round

nice pants.Mariano Rivera's casual 1992 card dominated the competition in the Pitchers Duel Round of the Rookie Card Playoffs with 42% of the votes. Was it his chilled-out lean and pressed dockers? Whatever it was, he moves onto the Final Round.

Curt Schilling's mustache came in second with 29%, John Smoltz somehow made third place with 13%, Trevor Hoffman managed only 10% of the tallies and poor old Tom Glavine accumulated just 6%.

This brings us straight to the Fan Favorites Round. So, look around and choose the current player's card you like best. Once again, your favoritism may be based on whatever floats your boat.

It could be the look on Torii Hunter's face or that Vlad is about as slim as an iPod. Do you think Ji-
Jim Thome knew of the self-cleaning oven back then? And I'm pretty sure the only thing that could possibly make Joe Mauer any dorkier would be some braces with headgear. Mike Piazza's card... totally speaks for itself.

As always, feel free to vote either here or at our studly co-host Ian's blog, SOX & Dawgs.

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Megs said...

Yep, Ji-
Jim Thome still looks like a total doof.