Hoodoo Voodoo

voodooWritten to the tune of Ween: Voodoo Lady

It seems the power of candlelight vigil mixed with Voodoo and kickass, old school tunes may or may not be helping to get my Canadian Crusher back in the Minnesota Twins lineup.

A CT scan of Justin Morneau's chest (performed yesterday) showed that his lung is still bruised, prolonging his return for a few more days.

The AL MVP first baseman was slated to make his comeback as early as today, but apparently, we may be forced to wait until the weekend.

A trip to the DL is unlikely, but Morneau doesn't want to rush himself into a return, to avoid worsening the injury.

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Megs said...

Get well soon, Justin!

mikeski said...

There does not appear to be anything wrong with that young lady's lungs.

Anonymous said...

Best. Album Cover. Ever. (I, Stu, also say the album itself is also quite good. "Spinal Meningitis Got Me Down" is the best song about spinal meningitis ever written. I sincerely believe this.)

Sooze said...

Stinky Vaseline, Mommy!

Haha, yes. That song takes the cake as far as spinal meningitis tunes go.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Morneau doesn't rush his return - we wouldn't want to be out an MVP first baseman this season. Even though Cuddy has done well there.

Sooze said...

Cuddy has to big of a cannon to waste at first base.