Fun With The Googles

Babes in pantiesSite meters are pretty sweet tools. Our favorite part about them is seeing what brought people to us, whether it was a link from another blog or a search engine.

In fact, these often hilarious and sometimes disturbing search results have inspired to what search terms readers are using when they stumble upon their sites.

It seems that Babes Love Baseball have some pretty interesting visitors. Like the guy with one hand under his desk searching for babes in panties caught my eye. Which post was he led to? Why, Lizzy's , of course.

There are some that would make even us blush... and to those people we say, sorry you didn't find the porn you were looking for here.

And finally, the person looking for Pissing Babes was directed to this post on Elijah Dukes.

Coincidence? Probably not.

Also, middle-aged babes? Thanks, but I'm barely into my mid-twenties. Asshole.


Megs said...

That's hilarious. Pissing babes?

Signal to Noise said...

R. Kelly was incredibly disappointed.

Sooze said...


Anonymous said...

Tell me that is your sweet tush in that pic, Sooz.

Sooze said...

Uh... no. Really? You think I'd put a pic of my own ass on the internets?

Pity Da Fool said...

This post kills me. Well played.

And I swear it wasn't me looking for the old ladies. Honest.