Oh yes. They'll give just about anyone an MLBlog nowadays.

Just kidding. Kevin Youkilis is the man over in Beantown. Who better to blog about his awesomeness than the man himself?

A snippet...
Maybe we can finally put all of this “Kevin Youkilis can’t run” stuff to rest now. Ever since I was drafted I’ve been labeled as someone who can’t run well and I’ve been determined to prove that I can get around the bases. Now, after hitting my first inside-the-park home run last night, maybe the doubters out there will have second thoughts.
Good stuff. It's an official MLBlog rivalry between Youkilis and Curt Schilling. May the best man get the most comments.

Hat tip, Ian of SOX & Dawgs.

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Megs said...

When is our Canadian Crusher going to get his own blog?!

Anonymous said...

ever been to jenks' joint?


Sanchez said...

I want to read a Dan Uggla blog man.

"There weren't many people in the crowd today... and it seemed to made up of the other-teams fans."

Sooze said...

Hahahahahaha holy shit Sanchez, that made me laugh so hard I think I tinkled.

Bassmaster said...

I think there's a leprochaun hiding in his goatee.


His goatee makes Bagwell's look pre-pubescent

Sanchez said...

Well that's what I was going for Sooze... ;)