Win a Date With Man Muscles

Alright all you lucky ladies out there. Here's your chance to make all of your sweetest dreams come true.

You can enter to win a date with American League Batting Champ and one of baseball's studliest eligible bachelors, Joe Mauer simply by clicking here. Good news. Joe says:
I like all kinds of women: blondes, brunettes, it doesn’t really matter to me.

So, get out there and make a one-of-a-kind video for Joe to see. Make it a good one too, cause there are only a million other women out there wanting to get themselves some Man Muscles.

And if Joe Mauer isn't really your type, then get the hell off our blog there's always the "Hunky Carl Edwards" for you Nascar gals.

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kerrie said...

sweet photo montage.

looks like you made up for his birthday afterall.

Megs said...

Yeaaaaaaaah Suzy, that whole stripper on the keyboard thing went awry pretty quick.

Sooze said...

oh my goodness.

SteveJeltzFan said...

Dreamy or not, his injury is doing me no good right now. I might enter, just to win and take him to the doctor.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Just say he's a friend with benefits... money, good looks, etc....