Wednesday's Babelicious Scoreboard

What a dork.
The struggling Texas Rangers (13-20) have pretty much helped the New York Yankees (16-16) climb out of the cellar.

Mike Mussina (2-1, 4.76 ERA) did his part too, pitching three-hit baseball for six innings with two strikeouts, a walk and 2 earned runs. Derek Jeter was the main provider of run support with 3 RBIs while Bobby Abreu, Robinson Cano and Hideki Matsui each drove one in, as well.

Brad Wilkerson homered in the third for the Rangers and Micheal Young drove in a run, but it wasn't enough behind starter Robinson Tejada (3-3, 4.87 ERA), who pitched only 3.2 innings. He gave up all 6 runs, walked three, struck out one and beaned A-Rod. Busy night!

A couple hoodlums ran out onto the field in the ninth inning, one trying to high-five Matsui, who just kinda stood there before nudging him aside. Anthony Garcia, 22, was tackled near the mound shortly thereafter. The other kid (15 years old) was spotted near home plate and promptly handcuffed.

The two morons were charged with disorderly contact, interfering with a sporting event and criminal trespass. Garcia was also charged with resisting arrest and the other's parents were called, who grounded him for life.

  • Mariners 9, Tigers 2

  • Devil Rays 0, Orioles 1

  • Red Sox 9, Blue Jays 3

  • White Sox 6, Twins 3

  • Athletics 2, Royals 3

  • Indians 2, Angels 3

  • Nationals 1, Brewers 3

  • Rockies 2, Cardinals 9

  • Mets 5, Giants 3

  • Phillies 9, Diamondbacks 3

  • Dodgers 5, Marlins 3

  • Astros 3, Reds 2

  • Padres 2, Braves 3

  • Pirates 0, Cubs 1

  • [MLB]


    Sanchez said...

    lol, that photo is hilarious. Great find Sooze.

    The disgust on his face is obvious, but he swats the dude away like a fly. Love it!

    Bassmaster said...

    I would've paid anything to see those guys get cuffed.

    Sooze said...

    Yeah. What a DORK! Sweet shades and flannel, dude.

    mikeski said...

    You know, Goodell would have those guys shot on sight.

    Megs said...

    He looks like he's about to crack up!