Tuesday's Babelicious Scoreboard

Armando Benitez balked twice in the 12th inning last night.
Young grasshopper Jose Reyes, schooled in the ways of stealing the base by the Man of Steal Himself, juked a couple mad dashes, rattling Armando Benitez not once, but twice.

Moments after Reyes provoked the jumpy reliever into his second balk of the 12th inning and trotted home the tying run, Carlos Delgado smashed his second homer of the game to lift the New York Mets over the San Francisco Giants 5-4 last night. That bomb tied him with Darrell Evans for 40th place on the career home runs list, aiding the NL East leaders in their 15th come-from-behind victory.

Reyes drew a leadoff walk from Benitez and moved up on the first balk, called by first base umpire Bob Davidson, whose nickname is "Balkin' Bob" for his frequent balk calls. Only twice in the entire season last year did a pitcher balk twice in an inning, with Orlando Hernandez and Runelvys Hernandez the offenders and curiously, Davidson worked the El Duque game.

Without much time to compose himself, the former Mets reliever served up Delgado's 414th career homer, throwing his glove as he neared the dugout.

Barry Bonds had another day off until the ballpark erupted in boos when the slugger walked as a pinch-hitter in the 10th. Standing boos. The crowd hollered at Bonds at absoltely every moment he was on the field.

Daniel Ortmeier, in for Bonds in left field, hit his first big league homer to make it 3-all in the seventh while Bengie Molina also homered for the Giants.

Giants rookie Tim Lincecum and Mets lefty Oliver Perez left after seven innings with the game tied at 3.

Lincecum retired the first 11 hitters, consistently throwing in the mid-to-upper 90s. He gave up three hits, including Delgado's first longball, and struck out eight.

Perez also fanned eight, and walked none. He sent down 14 straight batters after Molina homered in the first.

  • Indians 2, Red Sox 4

  • Yankees 2, Blue Jays 3

  • Tigers 14, Devil Rays 2

  • Orioles 6, Royals 2

  • White Sox 2, Twins 9

  • Mairners 1, Angels 4

  • Rangers 4, Athletics 0

  • Diamondbacks 11, Phillies 5

  • Dodgers 10, Nationals 0

  • Padres 1, Pirates 4

  • Braves 4, Brewers 5

  • Reds 2, Astros 1

  • Marlins 9, Cubs 4

  • Cardinals 3, Rockies 8

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    mikeski said...

    For a Mets fan, few things are as enjoyable as having Benitez meltdown against us, after all of thos egames he blew late in the year(s) against the Braves. What a maroon.`

    Sooze said...

    Hahaha totally. Man, he was pissed! Jose Reyes is really a joy to watch, too.

    Andrew said...

    as a Giants fan, I hate Benitez. I hate him with the burning intensity of a 1000 suns. He's not a closer, he's a blower

    Bassmaster said...

    andrew, does that make him a fluffer?