Don't let the picture fool you, Barry isn't all that friendly.If you're up for reading some total nonsense go to the Sports Illustrated website.

They held a poll to find out who 464 big league baseball players thought were the "friendliest" and "least friendly" players in the game.

You could probably guess in 000.2 seconds that Barry Bonds was voted the least friendly. That's a given. The picture they have of him however, is brilliant.

Minnesota NiceNow, to the bullcrap. The friendliest baseball player in the world is not only not Joe Mauer, he's not even on the list.

"Hi. I'm Joe Mauer. I befriended a blind kid at Cretin-Derham Hall and walked him to and from class everyday because I'm just that type of guy. Plus, I have awesome sideburns and I'm friends with Hall of Famer ".
Does it get any friendlier? Oh, apparently it does.

I guess all you need to do to be viewed as MLB's friendliest ballplayer is to play in one of the un-friendliest cities in the country and walk around 24/7 with a goofy-ass look on your face.

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*This post was not serious or meant to be harmful to Sean Casey or his fans.


throwbot said...

Detroit the un-friendliest city in the country?

Some dood from Boston with a slice of pizza in his hand disagrees.