Say What?

Some people have the strangest fetishes.What other bloggers are mouthing off about...

  • "I don't know if his use of those phrases was a way of showing that racism does indeed still exist in the South but that's just what he did." -

  • "In related crappy pitcher news, Mark Redman pitched pretty well by his standards..." -

  • "Here’s the deal: half a century ago, a wealthy Cuban land baron decided to build a baseball stadium in downtown Miami..." - Sports Gone South welcomes you to Miami

  • " I could let her know what I really do, but she's happier this way." - Matt Ufford from With Leather has a nice little MLB recap

  • "Go auction your bats or something." -

  • "Whatever. And he’d like a ham sandwich, too. Alert the media." -

  • "Because it's apparently an all-jockstrap Monday here..." - Deadspin on Ken Griffey having some fun with a heckler
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    Megs said...

    He actually touched that jockstrap. That totally lessens its value on the ebays.

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