Ozzie Guillen Doesn't Want Your Back Talk

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen went absolutely biserk yesterday, unleashing "a profanity-laced outburst" on a WSCR-AM radio show.

After animated host Mike North asked why catcher A.J. Pierzynski wasn't in the lineup for the exciting Interleague opener against the Chicago Cubs, Guillen screamed that he doesn't have to explain his lineup to anyone, except GM Ken Williams.

Curiously, A.J. had been on the show earlier, expressing some disappointment in Toby Hall being chosen to start at the backstop over himself. With Pierzynski being a regular on the show, North said there was no excuse for the controversial catcher to be sat on such a joyous occasion as an Interleague day game.

Guillen was driving with his children in the car at the time, listening to the show. He got all fired up, called up North and let him have it.

The conversation went a little something like:

North: "How you doin' Ozzie?"
Guillen: "Oh [fuck you]. Somethin' somethin' lineup. Somethin' somethin' every [fucking] day."
North: "Clean up your mouth alright? Clean up - hey - clean up - clean up your damn mouth! You're talking on the radio, you're not talking to one of your players."
Guillen: "You know what?"
North: "You better clean it up."
::blah blah blah we're old friends blah blah::
Guillen: "Guess what? I do this FOUR HOURS A DAY!
::Ozzie hangs up::
North: "You do your job, I understand that. Don't ever talk down to me! Don't talk to me like I'm - yeah you better hang up the damn phone."

Later that day, North brought Guillen some fudge.

What the hell? Is that how grown men settle arguments nowadays? What ever happened to a good old fashioned ass-beating? I'm highly disappointed in this act of pansy-assery.

Upon further inspection, I've also come to the conclusion that maybe Ozzie should have listen to A.J.'s pissing and moaning because as it turns out, Hall made two errors including a crucial passed ball in the club's 6-3 loss to the cross-town rivals.

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jake the snake said...

he may be near the top of the list of people who i will never piss off.