Lefties An Issue For Twins

Glen Perkins holds his arm in pain Monday night.The Minnesota Twins are running out of lefties for their bullpen.

The club placed left-hander Glen Perkins on the 15-day disabled list yesterday after he left Monday night's game against the Texas Rangers in the eighth inning when he strained a muscle near the back of his left shoulder.

He is expected to miss two weeks.

Related, Minnesota purchased the contract of left-hander Carmen Cali from the AAA Rochester Red Wings. Cali was 2-0 with a 2.70 ERA with one save in 12 appearances for Rochester so far this season.

Dennys Reyes is hurtingAlso missing from the Twins relief corps is husky lefty Dennys Reyes, due to a sore left shoulder. Reyes will stick around the active roster and continue to try strengthening exercises to rehab the shoulder before being examined by team doctors when the Twins return home Thursday.

Furthermore, right-hander Jesse Crain will have season-ending surgery next week to fix a right shoulder injury.

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Dianna said...

They're talking about calling up either J.Mill or Mija. And then there's always Barret...

T. Leach said...

According to the Columbus Dispatch, there are 9 left-handed pitchers 33 or older playing in Triple-A. Among them Chris Michalak, Vic Darensbourg, and Ron Villone--all fine physically but with badly bruised egos.

Turf Toe

jake the snake said...

DUDE. Reyes' mugshot just made me crap myself I was so scared.

Anonymous said...

I, Stu, am starting to understand Sooze's infatuation with the Canadian Crusher. He is hitting the ball good, if that's not too inside baseball for you.

The Great Khali said...

Wish they'd called ME up.

Sooze said...

It's true, Stu. He's the shit.

Khali - me too.