Lastings Milledge Is So Gangstuh

Lastings Milledge is livin it thug life in AAA. Sweet argyle vest, dude.
Injured New York Mets prospect Lastings Milledge has gotten himself into some trouble again, only this time it's for making a rap disc that uses those filthy words we don't generally use around Grandma.

One song in particular, "Bend Ya Knees" includes the use of the n-word and some derogatory language used to describe certain types of women who like to bend their knees a lot.

Mets GM Omar Minyana spoke with Milledge, currently rehabbing an injured right foot on the AAA New Orleans Zephyrs' DL, to let him know the team's opinion of his music. "We don't approve of the lyrics," he said.
Don't be a hater Omar!

Milledge went 0-for-3 in one appearance with the Mets before being sent to the minors on April 13th. In his rookie season, he hit .241 with four home runs and 22 RBIs in 166 at-bats. Impressive? Not so much.

Check out my ice.During that persuasive season, he ran into some trouble on and off the field. After hitting his first big league homer ever - a bomb that tied the game in the ninth against the San Francisco Giants - he had both dugouts rolling their eyes as he high-fived fans along the railing when he made his way back to his right field position.

He's also been in hot water for not running the bases hard enough and for showing up fashionably late for a day game. Near the end of the season, a sign was posted in his locker that said: Know your place, rook. Your teammates.

Maybe if Milledge had been jamming with the likes of Bernie Williams or Bronson Arroyo, it wouldn't be such a big deal...

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God no.

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