Big Papi Says... I'm Not Sure

Apparently, David Ortiz isn't quite sure whether he's taken steroids or not.

Big Papi told the Boston Herald that he couldn't say for sure if he had ever used performance-enhancing drugs in the past, but if he did, it was when he was much younger:
"I tell you, I don't know too much about steroids, but I started listening about steroids when they started to bring that [shit] up... I started realizing and getting to know a little bit about it. You've got to be careful."
He later joked that maybe he should try doping just to see what all the fuss is about.

Well, there is one thing I'm pretty sure of.

He certainly didn't juice while he was in Minnesota, or the slugger would still be there. Ortiz never hit more than 20 homers or 75 RBIs in the 6 seasons he was there and was never paid more than $1 million salary.

He must have stopped sucking when he started going by 'David Ortiz'.

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Jason said...

"He must have stopped sucking when he started going by 'David Ortiz'"

Yeah, what the hell.

Marci said...

It's dunny, his body is smaller but his head is still gigantic. Curious.

marci said...

or maybe it's "funny"...

Sooze said...

that's a damn dunny big head.

Andrew Wold 31st Level Magic-User with +3 against elves said...

his head is big. although, not as big as the three posterboys of steroid induced horseheadedness Mac, Bonds, Giambi.

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