Power To The People

Extra Innings logoMajor League Baseball has finally come to a seven-year agreement with iN Demand for the cable provider to offer its Extra Innings package to cable operators across the country. That means you now have the ability to access any baseball game your little heart desires. If you're a Brewers fan that lives in El Paso, this news has probably made your day.

The deal had already been inked by DirecTV, which was supposed to have exclusive rights to the deal, but MLB has chosen to do better business by its fans and make the package available to more than just satellite providers.

Those cable operators that agree to carry Extra Innings will also be required to offer the new MLB Channel on its basic tier when it is launched in 2009.

MLB and iN DEMAND had been put under increasing pressure from Congress to come to an agreement so that fans without satellite access would still be able to view out-of-market games. MLB had set a deadline of Opening Night for iN DEMAND to match the same terms, but negotiations were extended past Sunday as the parties continued to work out the kinks.

DirecTV had agreed to pay a ridiculous $700 million for that exclusivity, but that deal will be for less since the satellite provider has lost the 'exclusive rights' part of the deal. iN DEMAND offers its products to systems around the country such as Cox, Time-Warner, Comcast, and Cablevision.

MLB.TV is also offering its package of out-of-market games via the Internet again this season. In the words of Mike Greenburg, I'm not watching baseball games on my computer. That's why I bought this giant television. I want to sit on my couch and watch the game, not at my desk.

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